Lilac Lane pattern release..

Today, Melissa, from over at Lilac Lane Patterns is releasing her new spring pattern over on her etsy store, Lilac Lane llc!  It is The Hopscotch Dress, and it is simply the perfect spring/summer go to dress pattern!  It is listed as advanced beginner so you should have some knowledge of sewing and terms.  Don’t let that stop you from getting this pattern!hopscotch1

I had the privileged to test this pattern and  I have to say that I really enjoyed  this one! It has easy to follow instructions and the pattern pieces are pretty simple.   A big plus is that in the beginning of the pattern she defines some sewing terms that she uses.  Boy, I wish someone had had that forethought when I started sewing!  Would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.  So, Melissa, THANK YOU!!

This pattern is simple but has the ability to be gussied up.  Change up the fabric and add some flowers and you have a nice dressy dress or use some cutesy fabric with no embellishments and you have a great everyday dress.  I love that there is so much you could do to make it your own! I am not big on embellishments but I could totally see rocking out some cute fabric flowers on the neck line. lol!

I don’t know why I did not take pictures during the process. I guess I was just really stoked about how the fabrics were melding together so well. Next time, I promise to take more pics.

Until next time, go check out Lilac Lane on etsy and grab some goodies, and check out Melissa’s blog, Lilac Lane.  When you stop by her blog, don’t forget to say hi!!!

Until then,



One of these days…..

I will have everything in order.  Until that day comes I will have to work with the chaos that is my life.  I do realize that others have it far worse then I do….

I need to sit and have a conversation with God about the chaos I am sorrounded by.

I will let you know what he says….

Until then,


Days like today…..

So today we are attempting to do some school and it has not been all that successful.

you see,we are having our ac/heat replaced and we know the gentleman that is doing it.  The great thing about that is that we will know have heat/ac pumped into the den!  Woohoo!!!  The bad thing about that is that my son knows him and does not want to do school.  It is not like my son wants to sit and watch him, oh no!, he just does not want to do it because Mr. E is here!  Really, kid!?!?  \

I just don’t have the strength today to go head to head with him….. i am choosing to pick my battle and do some compromising.  so instead of book work and lessons this is what he is doing……


Begrudgingly, i might add!  It is going to be one of those days.  Lord, help me………

Until next time,


A new day…..

Hello my friends!  How have you all been?  I know, I know, I have been missing once again.  I have come to realize that right now I can’t promise a post a day.  Part of the problem is that i seem to be busy all of the time.  Another problem is that I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting.  This blog is meant to be fun for me and when I force myself to post then it becomes a job.  Not good, says I.

Anyhow, I am doing a review for a friend and can’t wait to get it to her!!  I will let you know when she is going to post it.  In the meanwhile, here are some photos of the past month or so…….


Getting a lil' p.e. in........

Getting a lil’ p.e. in……..

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Family time at Disney World

Family time at Disney World

Some schoolin'

Some schoolin’

this plant pretends to be dead when you touch it!!  Saw it in the behind the seeds tour!

this plant pretends to be dead when you touch it!! Saw it in the behind the seeds tour!


Talk to you soon,


No rest for the sick….

So I totally did not post anything yesterday. The reason is because I am not feeling well and the world does not stop because of this fact. So, I still had tons of things to accomplish and then was woke up late with a phone call. You know how it goes, once you are awake it takes forever to go back to sleep.

So, one would think I would get rest today. Um, not so much. We have church, which is a priority for me and my family this year, and then my husband invited a list of people to join us at Dan’l Boone Inn Restaurant in Boone, NC. Could not really back out of that since everyone had been looking forward to going for like two weeks. So, I sucked it up and went. It was not all that bad cause the food is delish!

We had a really good time at the restaurant! We all met in town and caravanned to the mountains. It was the hubs, G, my FIL, SIL, brother and myself in our van. The second car carried the ex-wife and the ex-fil while the third car carried our daughter, the boyfriend and the great niece. A gaggle of people at a family style restaurant equals fun times!

After the late lunch everyone except for the ex wife and ex FIL went to the General Mast store annex and the original General Mast store. I love that place!! G got a Daniel Boone book, coonskin hat and candy. It was a long fun day.

Now we headed home and I am completely exhausted! I am counting down the minutes until I can crawl in my bed and fall into sweet slumber!

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. We have to resume school. Say a prayer for me, please.

Until next time,

Here we go again….

So we are on night 5 of G sleeping in his own bed. It is 10:22 and he is tossing around above me. He has an Ikea bunk bed. It is the one that goes from bunk beds to a single twin. Anyway, he has to sleep on the top and I sit under him until he goes to sleep.

He did great last night in terms of how long he slept in his bed. It took him longer to go to sleep but he did not come into our room until 5:00 this morning!

S, as I type this post the moving is getting less frequent and there is no talking. Could he possibly be giving in already? If you knew my child you would not believe that to be the case. Hhhmmmmmm.

Ok he just moved, so he is still awake. That is ok, we got a late start to bedtime tonight. So it may take a bit longer. I hate not getting snuggle time at night but I definitely look forward to hearing his little feet run across the house in the morning to get to our room. I get tons of snuggle time when he gets in bed with us in the morning. Plus, I believe we are going to start napping again. He seems to do better with an early nap. Snuggle bug time! Well, anywho. I am going to play a card game on the IPad until he falls asleep. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t fall asleep also. Lol!

Until next time,